Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tunnel Dream

You experience yourself moving through a tunnel into a white light or returning from the light. This may be accompanied by the sound of whooshing water. You may meet someone, or meet yourself, at the end of the tunnel, much like a Near Death Experience. While moving through the tunnel, you may move alone or see others. You can fly quickly or slowly. You can experience emotions with this dream journey, which often brings transformational messages.
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I had a tunnel "dream" experience a long time ago. While meditating I became aware of "traveling" towards a light, like a star, through a tunnel. I could not tell whether I was going towards it or it was coming towards me. When I got to the light, I beheld the most loving face I'd ever seen. I was immediately at peace and "enraptured." It only lasted for a few seconds and when I awoke I was in such a peaceful state I had never known before. I interpreted the face of that of Jesus, or Christ, or my higher self as we sort of melded into one another. It was the night that I learned that I did not have to get confirmed into the Catholic Church, as I was very resistant to the idea. I was happy and at peace about the world as I lie on my bed that night.

I was later told that I had managed to slip through the fabric of the 3 dimensions to witness for a short time another dimension. The message was that there is no one outside of you that can bestow upon you through "confirmation" what is already true about you: that you are one with your Creator, and all creation.

Allowing me my choice that night gave me the peace of mind to connect with and confirm who I was and will always be, an insight into who we are and will always be.

What if the rest of my classmates had that experience instead of the slap-in-the-face-by -the-Bishop one?


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