Sunday, July 30, 2006

What I am, what I might be

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”

Lao Tzu, Chinese taoist Philosopher, founder of Taoism, wrote "Tao Te Ching" (also "The Book of the Way"). 600 BC-531 BC

Biggest thing yet

If you're into size here's something for you. A newly discovered blob is the biggest thing in the universe. (Excluding the universe itself, which is the biggest thing in the universe! O.K. I take that back)

According to an article in

An enormous amoeba-like structure 200 million light-years wide and made up of galaxies and large bubbles of gas is the largest known object in the universe, scientists say.

The galaxies and gas bubbles, called Lyman alpha blobs, are aligned along three curvy filaments that formed about 2 billion years after the universe exploded into existence after the theoretical Big Bang. The filaments were recently seen using the Subaru and Keck telescopes on Mauna Kea.

So how long will it take for people to start saying, "you're the blob" or " you're my blob, baby."
"To me you are the biggest blob, yet I am but a little glob." me in the EE

Saturday, July 29, 2006

On the Route/Great Egret

I was very excited to see a Great Egret flying across the sky while out on the route. It's a real joy to be able to see so many creatures cross my path. I had many videos and pictures on the old blog that I'll be posting here soon. Also part of the "On the Route" series was the spotting of Constellations in the night sky. They'll be here also.

Here's some links to Great Egret:



Heron Totem

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Featured Music by Michael Emmanuel

Who are the Children?

Ode on a Grecian Urn/Keats


Brahms Intermezzo Op118, No.2

CDs and other stuff at Cafepress

Beaver Pond Tales

I've been very fortunate to observe many creatures at a beaver pond at the end of my routes. I'll be transfering video and pictures to this site as time goes by. There have been many surprises including seeing a Little Green Heron. I'd never even heard of it before and didn't know what it was until after a lot of researching. The most exotic wild bird I have ever seen and about 15 feet away on the log that stretches across the pond. Hope you are enjoying nature wherever you are.

Picture perfect

When I was 5 I drew this picture of a robin. I had not seen it for many, many years and my memory of it was in reverse! I remember thinking when I was younger that it was pretty realistic. No one told me it wasn't and I became quite good at drawing, especially portraits. In high school I made cartoons in lectures and folks made copies to pass around. I had quite a reputation, but thank goodness didn't get in trouble. (Well,not for that, hehe)

This is a drawing I did some years ago when I started experimenting with colored pencil and geometric design. I guess I wasn't concerned about realism any longer! The original is brighter and no glare. Art work, whether drawing or painting is very meditative. I haven't done any lately as I've been working on music. (Excuses)


"Consciousness does not need physical form. But physical form needs Consciousness. And Consciousness enjoys physical form, because physical form is the leading edge of thought. So, Consciousness expands through the physical form. It’s not one or the other."

A quote from the Abraham teachings at Abraham-Hicks Journal. One of two times that I saw an aura was at an Abraham conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Others I talked to saw it too. Much food for thought at their website.

Bamboo, I love you

NPR had a story yesterday about bamboo. What a great renewable resource! So many things can be made from it besides being a beautiful plant to have in your yard. Here's some links to more info about bamboo. I love saying bamboo!

Bamboo Garden Nursery

American Bamboo Society

Bamboo Wikipedia

npr's Bamboo Story

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Actually, it could also be a boiled egg. I have an eggcellent sense of humour.

Call for Cease-fire Now

The Bush Administration Refuses to Call for the End to Innocents Dying in Lebanon and Israel

Once again the Bush Administration has refused to call for an unconditional cease-fire to stop the killing of innocents on both sides of this war. Condi Rice, when directly asked for such a declaration by the Lebanese Prime Minister, refused again to do so. It's an amazing sight to see an American Secretary of State in a War Zone refusing to call for a cease-fire that would save innocent lives on both sides.

Go here to take action.


These are some of the things I've stopped to photograph while out on the routes. My favorite place is the beaver pond, where I took the berry picture and the turtle picture. I'll be transferring pictures and videos of the creatures I've seen there.

Pencil Drawings

Untitled pencil drawing by Michael Emmanuel Koch, circa 2000.

The Music of Michael Emmanuel

I'm moving here to a new home. Soon I'll have music and art and all kinds of goodies for you. For now, you can go here to hear my songs. Thanks for your support.

me in the EE

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day Launch

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – NASA officials lauded the July 4th launch of the space shuttle Discovery Tuesday but added that much work remains ahead, not the least of which are evaluations of several pieces of foam debris that popped loose from the orbiter's fuel tank.

Happy Independence Day!