Monday, March 26, 2007

Name the 50 States in 10 Minutes

Saw this at BlondeSense posted by Red States Blue.

Name all 50 States in 10 minutes. Be ready to go as soon as you click on the link here.

I had fun doing it, but pooped out the first two times and came up 4 states short each time and each time four different states. I'm going to blame that on no sleep. I finally got them all with 25 seconds to spare. Sometime the spelling got me slowed down, like well, I hate to give this one away but, Connecticut---I left out the second "c" all the time! Lord knows how I remembered to finally put it in! If you misspell they won't be added, but if you don't use caps you're all right.

To think that I used to know all the States and Capitals, too.

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