Saturday, March 31, 2007

...and then Jesus said

A modern Gospel in the computer age.

Many literal christian people create and forward emails that suggest that if you don't forward them (usually to ten people) you don't love Jesus or God. Some of them claim that because we haven't put "Jesus" back in our lives our country is in ruins and will get worse. So the disciples were afraid, (as usual in these circumstances) and asked the Lord, who was busy blogging at the time, about these things ...and then Jesus said:

Blessed are they who see through manipulation and idolization, for they shall not be moved by the scribes and pharisees of these days.

Blessed are they who have not created God in their image and worship a Father and Son that only exists in their fairytales and dreams for they, in not so doing may allow what Is to be known and therefore, who they and all truly are as well.

Blessed are they who do not foster their lame beliefs on others, for they do not project evil into the world that has no inherent evil and was pronounced good which has NOT changed, being of that which IS and has always BEEN and will always BE.

Blessed are they who pity and have patience with those who have no real awareness that I am in everyone and everything and that if they see me in everyone and everything they would be amazed and astonished and at peace, that peace that passeth understanding.

Blesssed are they who behold Christ within and all around them, for Creation IS the kingdom of Heaven and that creation is never separate from it's Creator and it's Creator is LOve.

Blessed are they who do not do the very things that claim to be honoring me but only keep the real me from them.

Blessed are they who forward this post to ten people immediately or they shall surely die.*

*I'm kidding.

And the disciples were amazed and astounded because they couldn't agree if he was kidding or not...and Jesus said, "duh."

me and Jesus in the EE


candyschultz said...

That is hilarious. But please don't forward it to me. I am a dyed in the wool atheist.

Michael Emmanuel said...

Candy, thanks for stoppiong by. I believe that even Atheists are given eternal life at least temporarily after they die in the wool...oops my bad.

Erudite Redneck said...

Whoa. I didn't think it was hilarious. I thought it dead-on truthful. Jesus would be -- oops -- is proud. :-)

candyschultz said...

Who wouldn't. Not that many people are as popular as Jesus after 2,000 years.