Saturday, March 24, 2007

EE Welcomes New Contributor

EE welcomes Buck, my partner to the blog.

He's an old blogger and has had several blogs. His latest was dum vivo canno, (while I live I sing is how he interpreted it). He has a great sense of humor and great depth of knowledge in many areas.

He also has a blog called Got Liver? which deals with his, (our) experience with receiving a liver transplant and life thereafter. The operation was January 28th around 4:00 am in the beautiful city of Charleston.

Welcome aboard!


Buck said...

I really DO have to get a good post TX picture!

Missouri Mule said...

Glad you're here, Buck! For what it's worth, I think that is a super photo.

Michael Emmanuel said...

That picture wastaken around a year before the transplant when Buck had just gotten his real estate license. We should put a recent photo up--he's still very handsome just thinner.