Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Killdeer with eggs

Today brought a great discovery over at the West End Cemetary. After shooting, (filming) turkeys and goats we stumbled upon a killdeer, (Charadrius vociferus) with (his/her) eggs. The males and females are similar in color.

Our book, Birds of the Carolinas by Stan Tekiela simply says:

Nest: ground: male builds: 2 broods per year
Incubation 24-28 days; male and female incubate
Fledging: 25 days; male and female lead their young to food
Food: insects

It is classified as a shore bird, but doesn't live near the shore. Has a very distinctive "kill-deer" call which we didn't hear today. It is the only shorebird with two black neckbands. It is known for it's broken wing impression, which draws intruders away from the nest. (Although I got as close as I could I did not want to upset him.)

Link to the killdeer call here.

What a wonderful gift from nature today. Thank you, Pacha Mama.

What gift has nature given you today. Did you take the time to experience any of what She has for us all?

me and Buck in the killdEEr (he he)

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