Saturday, March 24, 2007

Law of Attraction Quiz

How Good Are You At Attracting Positives Into Your Life?

The Law of Attraction works regardless if you are working at it or not. The problem is that we can unknowingly be attracting things that we don't want. In order to attract the things you do want is to focus on the positives and to "feel good." How you answer this ten question quiz should give you a fair indication of whether your thoughts and feelings are working for you or against you.

Take the quiz here.

Here's my result:

Your life isn't too shabby. You probably live a really comfortable life. But, there's definitely room for improvement. Take this quiz response as a challenge to step out of comfortable and step into an extravagant life style.

Here's something I posted about Abraham and Esther Hicks where I rediscovered and deepened my awareness of the Law of Attraction. I went to one of the sessions with Abraham and met Esther and Jerry. I saw Esther's aura while she talked to the group. I had not seen auras before but believed others did as I was told often of the light around me as I performed.

These ideas have been used by New Thought or New Age Churches for some time. I had been involved with Divine Science and through it other organizations like Unity and Religious Science in my young adulthood. That was after growing up Catholic.

My teacher, John Suter, was a spiritualist, metaphysician, musician, mystic and I met some of the folks he knew on the southside of Chicago. He read billets and did automatic writing. He could also divine information about someone by holding an object in his hand. I tested him on that one more than once. He also was highly intuitive.

So I ask you, "What's in your wallet? How do your beliefs set you free or limit you? How well aligned with "What IS" are you? Do you recognise your addictions to what seems to be, your ideas that cannot be because seeming is NOT being?"

Peace to all.

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