Thursday, November 02, 2006

Seymour Hersh slams Bush at McGill address

Pulitzer-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh slams Bush at McGill address By Martin Lukacs The McGill Daily

“There has never been an American army as violent and murderous as the one in Iraq”

“The bad news,” investigative reporter Seymour Hersh told a Montreal audience last Wednesday, “is that there are 816 days left in the reign of King George II of America.”
The good news? “When we wake up tomorrow morning, there will be one less day.”

“There’s no reason to see a change in policy about Iraq. [Bush] thinks that, in twenty years, he’s going to be recognized for the leader he was – the analogy he uses is Churchill,” Hersh said. “If you read the public statements of the leadership, they’re so confident and so calm…. It’s pretty scary.”

An interesting comment by Conservative Andrew Sullivan: the president was "so in denial," comparing the Rumsfeld endorsement to applauding the job FEMA's Michael Brown did on Katrina: "It's unhinged. It suggests this man has lost his mind. No one objectively could look at the way this war has been conducted, whether you were for it, as I was, or against it, and say that it has been done well. It's a disaster. Other pro-war reconsiderations here.

When speaking of the devil...During an interview with conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh, US President George Bush expressed deep concerns about the possibility of the United States leaving the Middle East, raising fears that extremists could topple governments to "control oil resources."

ISN'T THAT A GOOD DISCRIPTION OF WHAT THE U.S. HAS DONE AND IS DOING? Forget about bringing peace and democracy and freedom and stories of WMDs, regime change, mushroom clouds, yada, yada, yada.

Add to the Discumbobulation of this administration and these times for the USA: "Horrific Irony" of an award given to Michael Chertoff, presider over the abomination that was Katrina and other Home-land insecurities.

Discernment is not required in the EE, but does come in handy when so many seem to be caught up in illusion. Peace to all. A peace that passeth understanding. We would not judge, only record their deeds, and enter not further into a world percieved and acted out by others for their own purposes. In the end we are all learning, all part of a greater whole, all part of the perfection which simply IS- concious of it or not.

me still in the EE

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