Thursday, November 02, 2006

EE talk

There are two things to the unenlightened mind, that which is and that which seems to be. Not knowing which is which leads to many systems of beliefs, whether secular or religious or spiritual, or whatever label one uses.

We tend to test our perceptions out on or with or against others as a way of validating our beliefs and temporarily claiming the "this is what is and all else is not" authority. It's the little ego making claim to something that it cannot grasp in limited concepts. It is the proverbial cart before the horse.

Those claiming secularism over religion are doing so with limited understanding of both and vice versa, those claiming religion(their concept of it) over secularism seem to have an even greater limitation of understanding and indignation to boot when challenged.

Jesus, (not his name, as you may know), the "man of God" or the beholder and extension of, (I am the vine ye are the branches), what IS, is as scientific philosophically as anyone has ever been and more so than most.

What limited minds make of religion and the "Big J", by their belief and some by disbelief changes not what really IS. We muck about in the seeming claiming what we percieve to be is what IS. But perception cannot grasp being, always perceiving as if detached and separate-a false premise, so what follows is false.

Law, reason, truth, permeate all things and not limited by what seems to be. We all fall short in our awareness of what is. Knowing that we do not know is the doorway as "Jesus said: I am the open door which no man can shut. I am, the being which IS, I am and no limited concept, (perception, misperception) can imprison what IS- not even and especially my own, no matter how good these concepts make me feel temporarily or how horrible they make me feel so that I might attain something greater as if seeming ever leads to being- as if illusion is real.

Peace to all here.

me in the EE

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The Fat Lady Sings said...

You know - what Jesus had to say was profound; speaking eloquently to the human condition and true spiritual morality. I have always found it both a puzzlement and a pity that those who profess to be his followers in actuality follow almost none of his teachings. Ask any evangelical, and he can tell you exactly how Jesus feels about gay marriage or stem cell research – but he’ll be damned if he can recite one thing Jesus actually said as recorded in the bible. Sad. Terribly, terribly sad.