Sunday, November 05, 2006

On Saddam's Sentence

No joy for humanity is felt here for yet another killing in the name of "justice". I have no elation to witness the "good" killing the "bad". It is a deception to point one's finger to another and say, see we are rid of him, he who was evil, he who had harmed so many, while all the while setting aside one's own aggressions and multitudes of "sin." See here , here , here, here. I was pleased to find this article by Mike Whitney at the Smirking Chimp titled."Bush's Carnival of Blood". From it:

This is a dark day for Americans and Iraqis alike.

Killing Saddam Hussein isn’t justice; its vengeance. Only Bush believes the two are the same.

How are we supposed to feel now that we know that Saddam will be hanged for his crimes?

Elated? Energized? Jubilant?

Will it wash away the oceans of blood that Bush generated with his misguided and tragic war?

The administration clings to the foolish notion that killing Saddam will somehow justify their unprovoked invasion and slaughter of 650,000 Iraqis....

....After the verdict was announced, Saddam issued brief a statement to his people which made him appear reflective and patriotic. He said:

“Pardon and do not take revenge on the invading nations and their people…and unify in the face of sectarian strife.”

Saddam's message of forgiveness and reconciliation won't be warmly received in Washington where they were hoping that he would fall to his knees and beg for forgiveness. That was another miscalculation. Saddam may be a brutal tyrant but he was never a coward. His courtroom performance will only strengthen the resolve of the resistance and make life that much more difficult for occupation forces.

The whole charade has been costly blunder for the Bush team; nothing was gained.

Saddam’s death will have the same effect as the appalling photos of the hooded prisoner at Abu Ghraib which offended the sensibilities of decent people everywhere. It's just another addition to the long list of transgressions against the Iraqi people.

This isn’t justice. It's an example of a nation’s dark shame.
Oh, dear humanity, when will we come to see that there is a better way? As Bush bloats about vindication for invading Iraq, he and his followers are simply unaware of the damage being done and remain ignorant and uncaring. If anyone would have asked if killing over 600,00 people to get rid of one dictator would be the right thing to do would you have said yes? If anyone had lied and then caused so many deaths for this purpose would you congratulate him and hold him in high regard? Is there anything that you would trust this person to do honestly after that?

Bush claims it to be a milestone in Iraq's young democracy. There is no milestone or democracy, only a sad and sorry state of affairs, made worse by ignorance in high pleaces and supported by unthinking, unfeeling and UNchristian neochristian americans and all those who are vindicated by man's inhumanity, man's separation from his divinity, from love for each other.

“Although Saddam and his allies carried out those crimes, it should not be forgotten that Saddam’s Western supporters also paved the way for him to carry out those oppressive acts and crimes.”
Mohammad Ali Hosseini, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman

more here: Rumsfeld and Hussein: Partners in Crime
So, by all means, let's talk about Saddam Hussein's guilt and how much fun it will be to kill him. But let's remember who supported him for decades. And let's ask ourselves what the 650,000 Iraqis we've killed already were guilty of. Wasn't the plan to liberate them, not murder them? Here is guilt aplenty for Rumsfeld, Bush, and Cheney, and the corporate interests they serve.

Peace to all.

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