Saturday, November 04, 2006

A little bit about my day

Today. Things I did, am doing.

Music: Beethoven, "Moonlight" Sonata, some vocalizing, William Blake's Songs of Innocence for guitar and voice and other instruments. I have a cut on the tip of my left index finger (!) So not much playing.

Also: creating a new CD of the Eternal Ecstasies through my d-music site. I have 3 CDs there now. One is solo piano, "Shaman's Hand",which is the edited version of the background music for The EEs, "Morning Sun", which is songs for voice and guitar and other instruments, and then "The Eternal Ecstasies", which are the readings of Mystic John Suter.

Food: Yummy, Golden Butternut Squash Soup. Campbells has it in a box. Something I discovered in Taos, New Mexico, on a little vacation where I met a lady from Mad Town, Madison Wisconsin, my home state. We had a great time for a few days doing different things in the area.

Health challenges: Squamos cell carcinoma. Anal/rectal tumors are not fun. But I've lost a lot of wieght, not that I wanted to, and have an opportunity to do some healing work which involves watching what I think, what I feel at all times. Every time anger, frustration, anxiety rears it's ugly head the pain increases. Every situation is an opportunity for kindness, patience, love, healing, laughter, remembering the EE.

This morning's featured Constellation: Canis Major. Do you know it?

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