Wednesday, November 08, 2006

On the Rumsfeld Resignation

There are still alot of unknown knowns about Rumsfeld as well as unknown unknowns which we seem to learn each new day. But who will be nominated to replace the superlocutious super pooper pants is now a known unknown (Robert Gates)where as Bush's busheleon brain, (stay the course- neverbeenstaythecourse-capturethedynamisim- constantlyadjustingthestrategy-freshperspectiveand finally let's work together) is still in the unknown unknowns always the last to get it but preaching as if he always knew, as if he is the new knew of unnew unknew. Whew.

Please quote me on that.

Update on Bush's new "bipartisan tact" from Unclaimed Territory

"It is vital to remember that we already have a constitutional crisis in our government. The choice is not whether to create one (since it already exists), but whether to confront and battle it, or acquiesce to it (as the Republican Congress has done). While it is nice that Democrats have taken over the Congress, it is vital to remember that we have a President who has repeatedly made clear that Congress is irrelevant in our system of government and cannot limit the President in any way. Re-establishing the rule of law -- and the principle that the President is not above it -- is still the most compelling priority for our country."
Update article by Chris Floyd: The Deeper Reality Behind Rumsfeld's Resignation

As Don Rumsfeld is tossed overboard by the panicky Bushes (who value loyalty to themselves above all other virtues but never, ever, practice it toward others; there will be many more bodies left behind as the Family rallies to clean up Junior's mess again), Steve Gilliard steps in below to remind us that what we are actually dealing with here is not politics, not some Beltway horse race, or some idiotic media game of "who's up, who's down." The issue is mass murder -- thousands of Americans, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis -- and human suffering beyond imagining for millions more.

This is the reality. This is what really matters about Rumsfeld and the other architects of the war crime in Iraq. And although all the talk about the election's political ramifications for the Bush Administration is entertaining and diverting, as most gossip is, and not without some importance, on the most essential level it is a moral obscenity.

me in the rumEE

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The Fat Lady Sings said...

Well - we shall see. I'm just glad Rummy's gone. Anything that'll save lives. That man was a disaster!