Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Version 02 of "not an untouched photo"

With the addition of John Bolton, embarrassment, Ambassadork, sorry, Ambassador to the UN, I think the picture is complete. Diplomacy, it's a hard job, even when you're trying to agree with your allies. We don't diplomatize with bad guys! How lame would that be!

Hey boys and girl, you missed the boat! But how you love carnage. Yummy. The wiping out of evil, at all costs, the perpetuity of evil at all costs. Groovy. The insanity runs wild. How many more will die terrible deaths at your hands because of sheer unadulterated ignorance. Good thing, it's all an illusion in the light of what IS.

Peace to all, me in the EE

Update story: Lebanese Direct Growing Anger at US

Beirut, Lebanon - With his arm raised and fist clenched, Sheikh Hussein furiously expressed a sentiment rapidly taking hold here.

"We know who our first enemy is: America," he shouted before tearful mourners at a funeral Wednesday for 30 civilians killed by an Israeli airstrike on Monday. The white-turbaned sheikh led the crowd in a militant chant: "Death to America! Death to America!"

Even as Israel continues to pound Beirut's southern suburbs, and agreed Wednesday on plans to expand its four-week-old offensive as far as 18 miles into southern Lebanon, many here increasingly blame the US for its extensive military and political support for the Jewish state.

me in the EE

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