Thursday, August 10, 2006

Overshadowed news story

The news about the justice department's drafting laws to undermine the Geneva Convention to protect retroactively those in our government who violated those laws and also seek to changed them allowing degrading and humiliating abuse of prisoners was overshadowed by the thwarted terrorist plot in England to blow up comercial airlines in flight. We heard in the early morning hours one story give way to another until there was no more mention of the first.

Yes, the terrorist thing is important, another story months in the making. Let's see if npr will return to the other story in the days to come. I think it is of major importance. The Bush policies recently been handed a major blow by the Supreme Court in the recent verdict concerning a Guantanamo Bay Prisoner, (Enemy Combatant).
Hamdan vs Rumsfeld

Here's a link to Congressman Edward Makey's recent letter to the President that begins:

We are writing to you to express our deep concern over press reports that your administration may be considering introducing legislation that could result in an increased threat of inhumane treatment of our troops abroad should they become prisoners of war.

Markey, a senior member of the House, has introduced H.R. 952, a bill to end the abhorrent practice of extraordinary rendition, in which prisoners captured or held by the U.S. are transferred to countries known to practice torture and other forms of cruel treatment. That was over a year ago. See it here.

Another article by Pete Yost at Truthout here.

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