Saturday, August 26, 2006

On the Route

This morning had a few highlights on the route. First in the music department. I had never heard this aria before and it was so wonderful, as good as they get, sung by Renée Fleming. Seems like she's the only singer npr plays, while there are so may good ones, but it is rare to hear any singers on what is otherwise filled with a variety of classical works. Well, the last time I mentioned Renée Fleming was just amazed at her beautiful singing. This was also so very beautiful and moved me deeply, turned out to be an aria from Antonin Dvorak's "Rusalka".

The other note worthy music was the FOUR SHORT PIECES FOR CLASSICAL GUITAR by David Hahn. He has a great website with audio samples that work! Check him out.

Finally, in the "Night Sky" department.

We are now seeing Orion rising in the East, 5:15am. His belt points to Taurus above him. And to the north is Perseus and Auriga and Cassiopeia. Here's a chart list to see how they are placed in the sky. When I first started looking at the Constellations in November last year these guys were in the western sky. All the Constellations circle counterclock-wise around Polaris, the North Star and each night get a little further until we lose them to the horizon. Remember I only take a few minutes on a clear night when the moon is not too bright or not there at all. Last night was perfect, at least for those few minutes.

The other part of "On the Route" series is "At the Beaver Pond", or "Beaver Pond Tales". It's been too dark lately in the early morning. Sometimes on my afternoon route I'll stop by and see the turtles. The last post was about the Great Egret I saw in the afternoon. I have a video of that in a previous post. I've been seeing him lately at one of my stops.

Hope you're enjoying the natural world around you, if only briefly, it can renew a sense of awe. It does for me anyway.

me in the EE

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