Sunday, August 20, 2006

How to Deal with Al-Qaida? Declare Victory

James Fallows offers a modest proposal in the war against terrorism in the September issue of The Atlantic Monthly. His article, "Declaring Victory," calls for the U.S. to resist being provoked by terrorist acts.

Heard this on npr this morning.

"The same people that told me that Al-Qaida was battered and on the run said that the only thing that has gone well for Al-Qaida in the last 5 years had been America's decision to invade Iraq."

"[The london terrorists plot] had nothing to do with declaring war on terror, you're either with us or against us, but on old fashioned surveillance, police work, cultivating allies, ...informers inside the cell."

"The real harm terrorists cause a society is not so much the direct damage..... but the [self-destructive] reaction that it provokes."
(Meaning an over-reaction)(Iraq)

Can you imagine George Bush declaring victory in his "war on terror"?
I thought Mr. Fallows made some good, if not obvious points. Maybe not so obvious to the fear-mongering, war-loving folks. Which reminds me of what John McCain said on "Meet the Press" this morning. He admitted that mistakes were made in Iraq, but that mistakes are made in all wars and that is why we try to AVOID them. (Avoid them, hmmm... right)

And speaking of Iraq: Baghdad out of gas

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