Saturday, February 24, 2007

Martin Luther King

How great it is to be reminded that we live in the time when Martin Luther King uttered his famous "I have a Dream" speech. I can't hear it without getting shivers up and down my spine and floods of emotion pouring over me. It reminds me of what my teacher and companion John wrote about love in his "Love Sermon" from the "Eternal Ecstasies": That love is most easily seen in the darkest places, that love defies math, for as it is divided it multiplies.

I'm placing a link here to Martin Luther's Speech, one of the greatest utterances in human history.

Here's to that day when we as one live in love, which is who we are.

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The Fat Lady Sings said...

It is special - isn't it? I get that same feeling. It's like listening to JFK speak. Both men had a way of moving the soul. You would listen - and feel uplifted, lighter. As if whatever burdens you had were somehow lessened. Some human beings are blessed like that. Why did some asshole have to be selfish and deny us the man’s wisdom?

I hope you and Buck are doing OK. What does the doctor say? I pray for you, my friend.