Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Don Americo

My thoughts have been with Don Americo often as I meditate on my condition, my teacher, my illness, my challenge: cancer. It was he who placed his hand on my lower back and as he did a warmth and healing spread throughout my body, a much appreciated healing that he shared that day in Peru just outside Cuzco. So, let me introduce you to him here, perhaps for the second time.

Filaments of Light from Don Americo

"Let’s imagine ourselves like filaments, just filaments of light, just that. These filaments are going directly into the beak of the great eagle of the universe. We are nothing else but filaments of light that are feeding the great consciousness of the universe. When we arrive at this state of consciousness --superior, different, and with humility, -- then we can vision these filaments. And if we can finally vision these filaments and acquire this experience with our energy body, we become just like children sitting in the lap of a great mother, which is the Pachamama."

"What is the cosmovision of the Andean people? The Andes is filled with spirits. All the Andean world is populated by spirits, making clear that 'spirit' is a subtle and vital energy that warms life and taking into account that the being of the universe is life. LIFE! Everything has spirit. The water has a spirit, the mountain has a spirit, the stars have spirits, the wind, the father sun, the mother moon, all have spirits. And, do you know, they are families just like us! And they all have a participation in the real world. We are all implicated in Reality."

"Consciousness is not born, it never grows up, never gets old and it never dies. It is perpetual and eternal. We already know that the body gets born, grows up, does a lot of things ... and then it dies. But not consciousness. That's why in all the ancient traditions 'awakening to consciousness' is getting connected with the feeling of the eternal and of the transcendental This is the most important part of all this work. Because all the things we talk about, all the learnings we achieve, all the things that we do. . . the wind will take away. . like the leaves of autumn."

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My friend Marilyn has recently returned from Peru and is sending me a waeving loaded with healing intent from Don Americo and herself. I'm very excited about it.

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