Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back from Charleston

After two weeks, a little over two weeks, we are back in Newberry. It's been very stressful yet a lesson in allowing and accepting and finding inner peace. Buck has his new (used) liver and all is going very well. In the hospital for a week and at a hotel, kitchenette for a week and that was it. It may have been longer but lately the transplants have been going well at MUSC. From what we were able to find out his donor was a 23 year old male, in excellent shape. So we guess he may have been in an accident when he died.

Thanks for all the support of you loving people. Your thoughts are energy that I feel have accelerated the healing process. May you be blessed also as any good thing done is done forever and the reward follows therefrom forever.

Peace in the Isness, the Eternal Ecstasy, the you of you, the we of we.

me in the EE

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