Friday, January 12, 2007

Some nice things today

First, I got to enjoy some time watching a beaver from my car while on my paper route. He or she was about 15 feet from me, 6 feet off the road, in the dark of the early morning, but lit somewhat by the nearest street lamp. M. Beaver was delighting on some kind of food on the ground and paid little attention to me as I pulled up lights off. Knowing that my dogs weigh around 50 to 60 lbs, I would estimate M Beaver was in the 40 to 50 lb range.

I keep forgetting to look up the Constellations to the right of Orion and Gemini. So, let's see. Yes, that's it. Taurus and above it, Auriga, the chariot driver. I learned of them over a year ago, but I gave up the route that goes into the country where I had my observation spots that I stopped at every clear night and learned many constellations. So now I see very few but still love it.

Many people are glad to have me back on another route which is during the day. I gave it up because I was planning on having chemo and radiation which I have since declined for a holistic healing approach for my cancer. It's nice when people are glad to see you and say nice things. I'm usually very upbeat and humorous even when I don't feel upbeat and humorous to begin with.

Tonight's music included Act III of Lohegrin. When the voice tired a little a slice of orange was all I needed and I was blasting away again. It's operatic singing, not what I do on my folk songs. I also sang some Brahms and some Italian songs. FUN. Must do MORE of that everyday!!

So there, besides keeping a watchful eye on my partner, Jesse who has liver disease and rests alot, and needs to go to the doctor alot, (in another town), and taking care of the dogs and Harlie the cat, I've had a full day and I barely thought about the "goings on" in the world---who needs it!!!

me in the EE

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