Friday, January 19, 2007

Humans suck (sometimes)

Gone is the beaver pond. (Damn-- dam)

I have been enjoying seeing the beavers lately in the early morning before sunrise. Eating on nuts or seeds or something on the ground by the road. I hope I got a picture of one, (it was dark).

Anyway, no more at least for a while. They removed the dam. Damned humans. The picture on the top shows the reason-- as the dam was getting too close to the culverts with all the heavy rain and flooding. For the beavers it was an opportunity for bigger and better things, (till the humans came along). The bottom picture shows the culverts cleared. The first day I saw this the water was even lower than in the picture and my heart was broken. There was less than a foot of water left that day. The beavers had bulit up, my guess, at least 8 feet or more.

I hope they didn't kill the beavers. I'm going to call about it and I'll post more later.

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