Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Philosophy of Love

Sometimes I forget that only love will put things right and that in love things are right, things are as they are supposed to be. Not that things have to be the way they are, but that nothing, no illusion, no limitation, no misperception can change what IS. That is the EE.

Another word for the EE is simply Love. Love that is all-inclusive, everywhere present, all- knowing, all-embracing. How can this be when people seem to be so UN-loving so much of the time?

Can you love someone who seems to be the cause of so much grief and suffering? Someone who doesn't seem to care about anyone else? The Jesus dude is said to have said, "Love, like thy like enemies, dude." (Of course he spoke in Aramaic, and probably other languages, so the english translations are probably off a little.) Why is this all-inclusive love important?

I believe, most importantly, this idea changes you, the idea holder. Where there is love awareness there can be positive and long lasting change where needs be. Not the kind of change that actually causes more harm than good, the kind that seeks to rid oneself of projected evil, thereby retaining the inward unconcious evil to be revealed again and again in the "outward world". Love changes you from within so that the outer conditions are truely and really eventually changed for good as a reflection of the inward condition established by an alignment with what IS and has always been and will always be.

So... can I love those I have issues with? Can I love George Bush? Yes...when I remember who he really is, not what he does, not what he thinks or says, for he suffers from the results of his limited thinking, his illusions and delusions as do we all from ours. His may seem to have greater effect on humanity because of his position of responsibility, but without the consent of many others, he has no more power to effect negative change than anyone else. So his, and many others seem to have a negative effect, not even knowing so, as they attempt to force change with their sense of what is right and true. We all do this to some extent not realizing that with love these things that occur offer us a clearer choice for good the worse they get.

These forced changes change nothing really. For what is, IS. Cannot be changed ever. Can be ignored, can be unknown, but cannot not BE. Everything else only seems to be. So if we are judging by limited standards, that which seems to be, then we are also dillusional in our thoughts and deeds, however well intended.

It has been said, "judge not, record his deeds". This is a way of seeking truth and seeking "correction" or clarity as things are played out in relation to what IS. Nothing, no thing, no ISness is ever withheld from anyone seeking it. We may simply and in love, be at peace with everyone and everything, while yes, being aware of the illusions, the miscreations, the misperceptions, so that we are not affected by them, as a wise parent is not affected by the nightmares of his child, yet holds that child with tenderness and love and patient understanding unaffected by the onslaught of the childish perceptions.

This is not coddling and giving way to illusions, but a strong and gentle knowing, a "rock" upon which what Is is trusted to be the foundation of your being, so that you are at peace, that peace which passeth understanding. Offering no resistance to "evil" so that evil finds no playmate in you in an attempt to validate it's existence, which only seems to be.

May we delve deeper and deeper into the mysteries of LOVE. That Love which is all-inclusive and ever lasting. That love which allows us to percieve, as limited as perception is, a greater vision of who we are, who we really are.

me in the EE

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