Monday, January 15, 2007

Miracle after a challenging day

A little much needed miracle at the end of a frustrating day:

It was already dark when I finished my paper routes this afternoon. I had no drinks at home so I went to the store and on my way home I stopped at the beaver pond, where last night I again saw a huge beaver eating near the roadside. You never know when you'll see things in nature, so as long as I'm close I drive by.

Well low and behold, (if I may say) there was the Great Blue Heron at the side of the pond. Wow! I talking about 25 feet away, not having to get out of the car.
I never knew he/she visited there. I had seen him/her earlier at the pond over at Springfield Place where I deliver papers. That's where I took the video of him/her up on the pinetree.

It was pretty dark, sky not yet totally dark, but with the aid of street lights I could see him/her very clearly.

Thanks, nature, I needed that to lift my spirits. I don't know why it does but I accept it.

me in the EE

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