Friday, December 29, 2006

Rest in Peace, Mr Ford

I believe, all in all, Mr Gerald Ford was the right man for our country at the right time. Why he recently withheld his opinion about the Iraq war I do not know. I believe we needed that point of view especially from someone of his stature. But I believe we needed that point of view from everyone. Another thing I didn't know about him was his inclusiveness towards gays and lesbians.

He may not have sought the Presidency, but performed well in office, all things considered. I believe anyone who wants to be president should be suspect at the get go. We need great leaders, not ego trippers, war mongers, and corporate hacks.

We need someone who serves all the American people and so doing, the world at large. Someone who will be a peacemaker by making peace. Someone who will uphold the constitution at all costs. Someone who will govern and not merely act politically.

Someone who is inclusive and fair minded. Someone who will reverse the current spiral of negativity and disrespect for truth.

Notice the war mongers coming forward and those opposed to it. Didn't work well for Republicans in the midterms.

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