Thursday, December 21, 2006

Get those tips out for the Holiday

Rhea at The Boomer Chronicles has a very good post about tipping people for the holidays. I deliver early morning papers, and have for over eight years. I've seen my tips grow through the years, but it's still mostly the same people tipping, around 25% of my customers or less. This year I tried to guilt them a little by saying something about my over 8 years of service. I think it work as some folks tipped for the first time ever. Rhea links to Eons (I'll check that out too). Some of the list:

* Barber: Cost of one haircut, plus possibly a small gift.
* Beauty salon staff: $10 to $60 each, giving the most to those who provide the most for you, plus possibly a small gift.
* Child’s teacher: Gift certificate for a coffee shop or bookstore; a book; fruit basket or gourmet food item; or joint gift with other parents and children. Not cash. Check the school’s policy.
* Letter carrier: Postal regulations allow carriers to accept gifts worth up to $20, but not cash.
* Newspaper carrier: $10 to $30.
* Nursing home employees: Gift, not cash.
* Building superintendent: $20 to $80
* Handyman: $15 to $40

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