Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On the Route/Blue Heron

Today I had the honor of seeing a Great Blue Heron at one of the many ponds in and around Newberry, SC where I live. I ran home and got my camera after I had finished my route, of course! (I don't always finish my route before I video stuff!) So here it is. Sorry it's shakey, no tripod and very windy. Hope you find nature at least as fascinating as I do. If you have been to this blog before or to my YouTube site you have possibly seen other videos I've made. They include: Great Egret, Beaver Pond with turtles, muskrat, beavers, red-tailed hawk. One of the most unusual creatures I've seen so far is a Little Green Heron. Really odd and awesome. However, I did not have my camera that day! Here's another link for Great Blue Heron.

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