Thursday, December 07, 2006

From Catholicism to Atheism to Divine Science to Isness

My spiritual quest has taken a few, fascinating turns. As I sought truth, or to know if truth even existed I came to outpicture that which I was being awakened to internally. I remember thinking in high school that I wanted to know the "truth" and that no one I knew knew it. Those were the end of my Catholic years and for a brief time my atheist years which really were a cleaning out of the old concepts of God and religion. My strengths were and are in philosophy, art, logic, and spacial perception, which is to say I have a pretty good idea when something is what it "is" or when something "seems" to be. This has to be done with concepts as well as physical things if one is to master essential ideas and ideals.

One of the most unlikely of many unlikely teachers that came my way was Irene. She was/is a Religious Science Practitioner. She was also attuned to all the new thought churches including Divine Science and Unity. Now in spirit, having left the physical experience some years ago. She is doing healing work for me, with me, through me now. What is, the ISNESS, as I had come to call it, awaits all to come "home" to itself, to become conscious of it, the you of you, the Is of what Is. There is only one thing. It is simple, but easily discarded by us with our many dramas, and fears, and ego trips. We are not what we seem to be because seeming cannot be. I had at one time sought out my spiritual family. I have found so many beautiful souls in so doing. We are one thing, that which IS. At any moment in time and space we may accept that and seeming miracles follow. Why seeming? Because what is always was and will always be. It's amazing that we have forgotten that and in our forgetting have created such chaos and despair. So the miracle is simply returning to what IS, who we really are in consciousness, and all else fades away to the nothingness it is, the seeming to be.

I am relearning that everything we experience, we experience for our growth towards greater consciousness. Whether we grow or not in any particular experience is up to us. But until we do we tend to have the same lessons repeated over and over. Since we are eternal there is no rush to "get it right." "Getting it right" is simply understanding one thing: who and what we really are to a greater and greater extent. The more inclusive and expansive your concepts, the closer you get to consciously knowing what Is. Isness always is. There is no changing it. It is the Alpha and the Omega all at once and eternally so, not having restrictions of time or space. So we are connected eternally to it, we are it's extension IN the physical world, but not OF the world.

Healing is being One, being whole. Thus conflict is no more, dis-ease is no more. Seen for the illusions that they are, the nothingness that they are, outpictured by us because of our misconception if what IS.

My cancer is now one of my teachers. When I stray away from my conscious connection with what IS, I put off healing. But healing comes fast and sure as I remember my connection to what IS and to all those who are part of me and I a part of them in the all encompassing ISness, the One thing that truely IS and has always been and will always be. In that am I healed and whole and Holy. In the embracing with love all that IS, and the laughing away of all that seems to be. In my seeking for real answers I found this. As I have said at some very pivotal times in my life: I expect great things from this relationship and in so saying I did get that which I set forth.

May all those who love come together with those willing to form a "Coalition of the Loving" and awaken to the Aquarian Age of Love.

Let the Church say "Amen."

Peace to all.

me in the EE

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