Wednesday, September 20, 2006

UN Speeches

Transcript of Ahmadinajad's Speech

What afflicts humanity today is certainly not compatible with human dignity; the Almighty has not created human beings so that they could transgress against others and oppress them.

By causing war and conflict, some are fast expanding their domination, accumulating greater wealth and usurping all the resources, while others endure the resulting poverty, suffering and misery.

Some seek to rule the world relying on weapons and threats, while others live in perpetual insecurity and danger.

Some occupy the homeland of others, thousands of kilometers away from their borders, interfere in their affairs and control their oil and other resources and strategic routes, while others are bombarded daily in their own homes; their children murdered in the streets and
alleys of their own country and their homes reduced to rubble.

Hugo Chavez calls Bush 'Devil'

Chavez Address to UN Transcript

Speaking through an interpreter, Chavez called on nations
to rise up against what he called America's hegemony. He

even had some recommended reading for his colleagues:
Noam Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest
for Global

"It's an excellent book to help us understand what's been happening in the world throughout the 20th century," Chavez said, "and what's happening now."

Transcript of Bush's Speech
To the people of Syria, your land is home to a great people with a proud tradition of learning and commerce. Today, your rulers have allowed your country to become a crossroad for terrorism.

In your midst, Hamas and Hezbollah are working to destabilize the region, and your government is turning your country into a tool of Iran. This is increasing your country's isolation from the world.

Your government must choose a better way forward by ending its support for terror and living at peace with your neighbors and opening the way to a better life for you and your families.

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