Tuesday, September 05, 2006

On the Route

I have heard the 4th movement, Adagietto, from Mahler's Fifth, a few times recently on npr. It almost makes me want to stop and bathe in the glory of the sound. How profound and yet simple and breathtaking. Speaking to the very depths of my soul, every emotion, every pain and joy. I would say it speaks as does Brahms in his most sublime, and also as does Dvorak's song that was previously mentioned here at EE. Of course there are many other pieces of music that are in this class. The very best of Classical Music, in my opinion.

From Wikipedia:

The Symphony No. 5 by Gustav Mahler was written in 1901 and 1902 mostly during the summer months at Mahler's cottage at Maiernigg. It is arguably the most well known Mahler symphony to the general public.

The musical canvas and emotional scope of the work is huge. Herbert von Karajan said once that when you hear Mahler's Fifth, “you forget that time has passed. A great performance of the Fifth is a transforming experience. The fantastic finale almost forces you to hold your breath.” After its premiere, Mahler is reported to have said, “Nobody understood it. I wish I could conduct the first performance fifty years after my death.”

Another link HERE.
And listen to a sample here.

Also the Constellations easily seen in the Eastern and NE Sky at 5:oo am, in order from the NE to E, are: Cassiopeia, Perseus, Auriga, Taurus, and Orion. It's great to see some old favorites again. Check the sidebar for links to Constellations.

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