Sunday, September 10, 2006

Feingold to the Rescue

A while back I heard a story on npr about how Arlen Spector, once outraged by Bush's secret domestic spying program, was putting up a good show about standing up to the White House, like he's done before but then later caves-in. I was wondering what became of all this as the latest I heard was of course Spector had caved-in again and actually did a complete turn-around and was going to push legislation retro-actively exonerating the President for any illegalities concerning this matter and allow the warrantless spying to continue unmonitored by either Congress or the FISA court.

Enter my hero, Russ Feingold.

Russ Feingold Stands Up Again by Dave Lindorff

"It looked like this atrocity of Specter’s was going to pass into law, but Sen. Feingold, with the help of, not Democrats, but three Republican senators he rounded up who still respect the Bill of Rights and rule of law, managed to fend it off by way of a filibuster threat.

Feingold deserves all of our thanks for this move--so uncharacteristic of his feckless Democratic colleagues, who continue to cower at the thought of an attack by Karl Rove and his media minions.

The amazing thing is that when Feingold introduced a censure motion against Bush late last year, his approval rating among Democrats and among the general population soared--a clear indication that he has the political positions that American voters are looking for. It is likely that Feingold’s numbers will jump again as news of his latest action in the Senate spreads. And yet most Democrats in Congress still remain supine when it comes to standing up to the Bush administration."
Mr Feingold, Wisconsin, Democratic Senator, has my continued admiration and support. He's from my home state and that makes me smile! Too few politicians are in his league. Let's hope for great things from this genuine American Statesman. My partner Buck has a blog called South Carolina for Feingold. Since he's been ill it's been neglected, but I'm leaving a link to it on the sidebar.

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