Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No "War on Terror" ( But you knew that... didn't you?)

I have spoken for a long time about this insanity called the "War on Terror." So, once again, it's nice to see others speaking about this, others who are much more learned on the details of these matters. Here's a great article I saw at TruthOut first. The Original is here.

"There is no War on Terror" by Richard Dreyfuss

President George W. Bush, Vice President Cheney and the entire Republican election team are scrambling to make their so-called war on terror the focus of the next seven weeks. As in 2002 and 2004, they’re counting on their ability to scare Americans with the al-Qaida bogeyman. And while the trauma of 9/11 has begun to dissipate and American voters seem less susceptible than ever to the scare tactics used by the White House, for the past five years the Democrats have been singularly unable to develop an effective counter to the Bush administration on terrorism. So, for that reason, here are 10 important facts about terrorism that opponents of President Bush should understand.

Part of what follows is derived from a series of some two dozen interviews I conducted over the summer with leading U.S. counterterrorism officials, many of whom served in top posts during the Bush administration. Not all of them agree with each other, nor with all of my conclusions, which can be found in the Sept. 21 issue of Rolling Stone . But most of them served on the front lines of the so-called "war on terror." If U.S. counterterrorism efforts were run by these officials, instead of Bush and Cheney, those efforts would look radically different than they do today.

The article goes into detail on these topics:

I. The threat of terrorism is wildly exaggerated.
II. Al-Qaida barely exists at all as a threat.
III. There is no Terrorist International.
IV. Iraq will not, and could not, fall to al-Qaida.
V. The Taliban is not al-Qaida.
VI. Neither Iran nor Syria sponsor anti-U.S. terrorism.*
VII. It is not a “war.”
VIII. There were never any al-Qaida sleeper cells in the United States.
IX. Vulnerabilities are not threats.
X. No one is in charge.

*See article about the Canadian citizen, Syrian-born Maher Arar, that the US sent to Syria to be tortured because of suspected al-Qaida links which turned out to be false. Sent to a secret prison which until recently the White House denied having, denied the practice of rendition and the practice of torture. Lies, lies, and more lies. Mr Arar's case was dismissed by an American court, but this ruling has been appealed.

"I have waited a long time to have my name cleared. I was tortured and lost a year of my life. I will never be the same," Arar said. "The United States must take responsibility for what it did to me and must stop destroying more innocent lives with its unlawful actions."

Sad days for the (un-as in not)United States, indeed. Lawlessness by the lawless, while too many people cheer on the false bravado of an administration that is pure politics with no regard for, or gross misinterpretation of great ideals and ideas that are the foundation of our country and the basis of world-wide agreements.

Yet, all is well, really, for those who choose peace this day. Remember, record their deeds, as they have chosen responsibility in your name, hold those in positions of responsibility responsible, and go about your day living your concepts of truth to the best of your response-- ability.

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Morgoth Slayer said...

dude just wait.
ive seen rallies in iran where thousands of people put their names on a list volenteering to be suicide bombers against israel and the us.

you are bullshit. thousands of people have the will to kill, and you want to pretend like its not that way, because you dont like bush or something. everybody with the same bullshit view as you are going to eat shit when terrorists commit another mass slaughter here. feel no need to reply because i am not coming back to check. i know full well that there will be another attack. youll just have to wait and see