Sunday, September 10, 2006

Two Excellent Anti-war Articles

I am and always have been anti-war. I don't know any more than most people about war's history and reasons. It pleases me to find articles that support anti-war views, many by people with greater knowledge of the whys and wherefores of that which offends me on a very deep level.

Here are two that, for no other reason, I'm linking to for myself and for anyone inerested in seeing more than what the national main stream media offers about our current woeful warring ways:

The Law of Opposites by Rep. Ron Paul

Everyone is aware of the Law of Unintended Consequences. Most members of Congress understand that government actions can have unintended consequences, yet few quit voting for government "solutions" – always hoping there won't be any particular unintended consequences this time. They keep hoping there will be less harmful complications from the "solution" that they currently support. Economics teaches that for every government action to solve an economic problem, others are created. The same unwanted results occur with foreign policy meddling.

The Law of Opposites is just a variation of the Law of Unintended Consequences. When we attempt to achieve a certain goal – like, "make the world safe for democracy," a grandiose scheme of World War I – one can be sure the world will become less safe and less democratic regardless of the motivation.

War-Mongering America Terrorizes the World by Howard Zinn
Beyond the futility of armed force, and ultimately more important, is the fact that war in our time inevitably results in the indiscriminate killing of large numbers of people. To put it more bluntly, war is terrorism. That is why a "war on terrorism" is a contradiction in terms. Wars waged by nations, whether by the United States or Israel, are a hundred times more deadly for innocent people than the attacks by terrorists, vicious as they are.

Here's hoping that our 'kick-their-ass" policies in dealing with perceived enemies will give way to the seldom practiced but often proclaimed "love thy enemy," purportedly first uttered by that religious philosophical radical extremist: Jesus*, who when asked why he couldn't work for change within the Jewish religion said, "One does not put new wine in old wine skins."

hmmm........ what a funny dude!!

*not the name he went by, by the way...but who's not in his name anything, any. thing. at.'s in "his", truth's , WHAT IS's IDENTITY.....IDENTITY. Change "in his name" to "in his identity" then you GET IT. Whatsoever you do to the least of these you do unto me.

me and JC, one/all in the EE

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