Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In the Good News Department

Silicon Valley's "best brains" work on energy by Leonard Anderson

MENLO PARK, Calif (Reuters) - Venture capitalists in Silicon Valley have been searching for the next big thing in high-tech for years, but now many have switched to greener pursuits -- finding technology to help cut global warming.

Although commercial success could take years, venture capitalists are pouring cash into solar power, fuel cells, wind energy, biofuels, new lighting microchips, "smart" power grids, and other innovative energies.

"The best brains in the country are no longer working on the next pharmaceutical drug or the next Silicon Revolution. They want to work on energy," said Vinod Khosla, a top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.

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It's too bad that we aren't using the trillion plus dollars or more that we'll end up spending on Iraq to pursue innovations in the energy field. So much to gain from energy independence, but then again we have oil people in charge now so don't expect them to look for ways to change the status quo. We might also solve the health-care and social security problem with a few billion dollars. So look to the grass-roots movements from smart and inspired people to move us forward into a great new future with or without help from Uncle Sam, at least the current Uncle Sam.

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