Thursday, July 27, 2006

Picture perfect

When I was 5 I drew this picture of a robin. I had not seen it for many, many years and my memory of it was in reverse! I remember thinking when I was younger that it was pretty realistic. No one told me it wasn't and I became quite good at drawing, especially portraits. In high school I made cartoons in lectures and folks made copies to pass around. I had quite a reputation, but thank goodness didn't get in trouble. (Well,not for that, hehe)

This is a drawing I did some years ago when I started experimenting with colored pencil and geometric design. I guess I wasn't concerned about realism any longer! The original is brighter and no glare. Art work, whether drawing or painting is very meditative. I haven't done any lately as I've been working on music. (Excuses)


Missouri Mule said...

I like them both very much. You wittle deliberate creator you! :)

Michael Emmanuel said...

MM --are you going to show us your nails? And thanks for stopping by, sweetie.