Thursday, July 27, 2006


"Consciousness does not need physical form. But physical form needs Consciousness. And Consciousness enjoys physical form, because physical form is the leading edge of thought. So, Consciousness expands through the physical form. It’s not one or the other."

A quote from the Abraham teachings at Abraham-Hicks Journal. One of two times that I saw an aura was at an Abraham conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Others I talked to saw it too. Much food for thought at their website.


Missouri Mule said...

I'm pea-green with envy, meEE! I've managed to miss them every time they are in my neck of the woods. I have their tapes and books, but would dearly love to go on one of their Well-Being Cruises. It's interesting that you would post this. Just today a friend and I were talking about the art of allowing.

Michael Emmanuel said...

The funny thing about being with them, Jerry and Esther, is that all your problems fade away into the nothingness that they are. People really had to force themslves to remember what they were going to talk about, (ask Abraham).

There was nothing but utmost respect for all who came, and when Abraham attempted humour--like when someone asked what is the proper amount of lovers--they said, "16", everyone, except a few of us, gasped, then Abraham said it was an attempt at humour, everyone laughed but the answer was only out of line to limited thinkers and that's what made it true and funny, opening up people's minds and blowing away limitation.

Hope you getto see them. Good vibes!!!